SAP upgradation

SAP upgradation instead of implecation

Providing an upgrade and support to the SAP systems of a manufacturing company, in order to improve the critical operations of the business.


The Challenge

The client company is known to manufacture solutions to help various industries such as electricity, communications, gas, water, and networking in Germany. The company has been expanding its services to various different countries too.

As the business prospered, the client company started facing a number of problems in the operations. They were looking some of the major help from us such as:

  • Expert knowledge for both SAP modules and domain issues,
  • Speed so that all the projects can be completed by the mentioned deadline,
  • A flexible model that can offer a proper resource management,
  • A high-level support from us so that the client can have smooth operations.


The Solution

We started by designing a plan that is based on the IT requirements of the business. We adopted a system that is flexible and agile that can be highly supportive to the client company. Some of the important solutions that we offered were:

  • A model of flexible resource management that can be scalable during the peak times,
  • A legal entity that separated the gas elements from the electricity elements,
  • An accounting module that generates the business’s financial statement,
  • Integration of the payment mechanism in the SAP system,
  • Standardizing the SAP system for real-time management.


The Result

Though the challenge was a quite complex one, we designed an ERP and SAP solution that improved the efficiency of the supply chain. The solution also resulted in the optimization of the sales processes and this helped in saving a lot of time and in increasing the cash flow.

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