SAP HANA Implementation

Implementing SAP HANA, in order to provide a solution to the client in the financial operations


The Challenge

The client is from the food industry and has spread the business in two continents. Though the business was doing well but there were a few of the challenges that the company was facing. One of the major problems that were to be tackled was that of the operations. The printers, for example, were quite complex and hence it was important to migrate it to SAP.

The second major challenge was that the application used by the company was not updated and hence there were some limitations in the working. Even the new Finance system was not in such a way where the reports can get generated easily.


The Solution Offered by EP Softech

We started by migrating the system into SAP. After this, we implemented a third-party system of taxation and also strategized the simple Finance system with various SAP components. We further also worked on the printers and the applications to get a solution to the problem that was being faced. A number of features were also integrated with the system such as the Change Request Management and the Solution Documentation.


The Result

After the right solutions were provided, the result was great. The client was happy to see a much-simplified version of the data model. The financial insights now can be accessed from any device. The data footprint got reduced because various tables were and the calculations were done automatically. A single platform for both OLTP and OLAP was provided.

There were many benefits that the client company enjoyed such as reduced footprint on the memory, single source for postings, harmonized reporting, simplified journals, and many others.

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