Why More Than 80% Of SMEsTrust SAP To Manage Their Activities And Monitor Their Business Growth


Why More Than 80% Of SMEsTrust SAP To Manage Their Activities And Monitor Their Business Growth

You will be surprised to know that 80% of SAP clients are SMEs. The term “too complicated”, “too expensive” and “too big” is not at all true, things have completely changed.

Numbers of SMEs like yours have leveraged the benefits of simple as well as flexible SAP solutions for such a type of business. As it has been specifically designed for small and medium size businesses, however, taking the advantage of SAP huge 43- year experience, these SAP solutions let the companies to better manage their sales, costs, procurement, human resources, production and 360 aspects of their operations.


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In the present scenario, SMEs are looking for innovative, quick implementation time and simplified, flexible management tools everything rolled together, significant elements for the growth and success.

And, I think now is the time to demystify SAP! Here is the 3 most significant reasons why SMEs choose SAP as their ERP software

1. More than 250,000 SMEs trusts SAP

More than 85% of the SAP clients belongs to small and medium sized companies, which means 2,50,000 SMEs trust SAP to deal with their routine activities and evaluate their growth.So, it does not matter whatever the line of your business is, sap expertise will for sure benefit you.

2. A portfolio of solutions recognized globally, for all types of industries, and all integrated

Each of the solutions is specifically considered in order to meet the individual PME’s peculiarity. In terms of pricing, affordable, simple and quick implementation along with flexibility. So you can choose the solution based on your specific requirements.

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3. multi-languages Multi-company and multi-currency solution

At the international level, more and more SMEs operate in various markets. SAP solutions are designed for SMEs in order to run simple yet efficient, without bothering  you with currency change or language and taking into account a multi-company structure.

SME like numbers of others, focus on operations as well as growth by customizing specific design solutions to fulfill your business requirements. Whether it is on or in the cloud, such scalable solutions are integrated into your existing infrastructure to help you manage your ongoing operations smoothly and efficiently.


Choosing an SAP solution in the beginning of your business journey is the first and foremost step towards successful implementation. As discussed above, SAP is the right partner for critical and essential decisive factors.If you are in search of complete range of SAP solutions such as Marketing, CRM, HR, ERP integrated management solutions, we EP Softech Service can present you with the complete SAP solution to lead your SME to success.

If you are convinced with what I am saying above and if you are interested in knowing about our services hire SAP consultancy from us, we assure you to be your one stop solution for all your business needs.

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